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Austrian Crystals are made in many different finishes. We often receive questions about the different finishes and effects that are available.

Here are a few examples;

AB (Aurora Borealis): an outside coating which gives it a rainbow effect in reflected light
AB2X (Aurora Borealis 2X): twice the coating and a stronger effect
CAL (Comet Argent Light): half silver and half regular "color"
SATIN: it is not an outside coating but give the original color a deeper richer look
DORADO: this is similar to the CAL finish, but in gold, 1/2 gold and 1/2 original color
MATTE: this is the original color with a non-glossy finish
METALLIC SILVER: some are special production but its a silver (like CAL) and metal reflective type finish combo
AB & SATIN: a combination of the outside AB finish and the color within the crystal SATIN
SATIN & 2X: a unquie combination of the 2X finish that coats the outside and the SATIN finish
DORADO & 2X: very limited editions but DORADO (a special gold finish) and the 2X make a unquie combo.


Swarovski Crystal produces finishes in three to four different types in large production quantities. Other finishes and effect produced in smaller quantities.

The color, or regular finish, the AB, AB-2X, and the SATIN. There can also be many combinations and limited production or vintage beads.

1. COLOR (regular finish) - these are the crystals most of us are familiar with.

They come in a large variety of colors, sizes, and shapes (or components). Some popular colors include
AQUAMARINE AND CAPRI BLUE just to name a few.


The regular colors are staples in Swarovski Crystal (also known as Austrian Crystal), and can usually be found on a color chart from your seller.

The color finish beads can be found in the plain color and also a light version but keep in mind, not all colors have a corresponding light version that is being produced.

An example of this would be AMETHYST and LIGHT AMETHYST


2. AB (aurora borealis) - this finish is where a color has been coated with a finish called AB.

The AB finish is an outside coating on an existing crystal color that covers about half of the crystal face. When you turn the crystal you will see the crystal color on one side and the AB finish on the other.

If the crystal has many surfaces like the SPACERS (5040) the reflection will appear as you turn the crystal. The reflection is best described as a rainbow effect as you turn the bead. As with the light color, the AB are not made in all colors and some are only produced for a short period of time and then not again.

Some current examples of the AB finishes are: DARK RED CORAL AB AND JET BLACK AB